Rules & Info

Park Rules & Important Information

  • Satellite Laundry, Restrooms and Showers: Closed for Cleaning 11am – 2pm daily
  • Office Hours:
    • 10am – 5pm Mon. – Sat.
    • 11am – 5pm Sun.
  • Laundry Hours: Daily 10am – 5pm. On-site Clotheslines not permitted
  • No Check In before 11am
  • All Guests and Their Visitors Must Register in Office
  •  J&H is a 55+ park with a secondary age limit of 30.
  • Quiet Hours: 9pm – 7am
  • Speed Limit: Dead slow (For Comfort and Safety of Other Guests)
  • Motorcycles/Off-Road Vehicles: Operation Not Allowed
  • Campfires: No campfires, propane fire pits or charcoal fires. Propane Cooking Grills Allowed.
  • Smoking: Not Allowed On The Premises (we are a fully non-smoking property)
  • Car and RV Washing is not allowed
  • No repairs without approval from management